Holidays in the mountain... in Summer !!!

The mountain is usually a privileged destination in winter, we come to ski, enjoy the snow-covered lanscapes and have a good bowl of oxygen... The mountain is also a beautiful destination in summer !Here are the reasons to come to the Dahu for your next holidays ! 

1. For a fresh, clean bowl of air
A few days spent in the mountains will allow you to enjoy its fresh and invigorating air.

2. To survive the summer heat
For those fleeing the degrees, the mountain is a good means of survival knowing that there is a loss of 1½ degrees every hundred meters.

3. To avoid traffic jams
In the mountains, there is no rush ! At least, not in summer. Say goodbye to the long hours of waiting in tarffic jams, between angry motorists and impatient children.

4. To avoid crowds
Natural parks, mountain lakes, discovery trails, perched villages... So many places to visit for a real quiet holiday !

5. For the multiple activities
In the summer, it offers a multitude of playgrounds on which the practice of many activites is articulated in the air, on land, on water... With the Multipass, the access and pratice of thoses activities are available for everyone !

6. For the richness and diversity of landscapes
Walk on the hiking trails in the middle of the mountains, crapahut on the top of the mountains, cross the pastures, evolve on the steep ridges, or simply stroll through forests... 
It offers a thousand and one landscapes all more beautiful than the other.

7. For the discovery of natural and cultural heritage
Accessible by as many people as possible, this rich natural and cultural heritage makes the mountain a formidable terrain for all those thirsting for discovery : churches and chapels, museums, slate mines, old rebuilt villages, shelters... All atypical, unique and filled with history...

8. For meetings and exchange
The mountain has the particularity of bringing everyone back to the same level : on a hinking trail, whatever your social position, only your legs and feet will help you to move forward ! You will find yourself saying hello to other hikers you meet, sharing a drink around the local fountain with the locals... Anyway, we get richer, we communicate ! 

9. For gourmet holidays 
The mountain is also a very good choice for food lovers. Cheese, meat, wood fruits, mushrooms, vegetables of all kinds, milk, cereals, wild berries... The mountain is a true pantry from which our chef has no trouble drawing his inspiration. 

10. For summer season events
Finally, to conclude our praise for the mountain, let us not forget the many events that animate the summer days and evenings : sports competitions (mountain biking, trail running, Spartan...), festivals of all kinds (music, Harley Days...). Throughout the summer, Morzine offers programs that are increasingly diverse from year to year.



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