Aventure Blanche

All summer long, 4 motorcycle rides starting at Le Dahu. A variety of landscapes, great Alpine passes and lakes.

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« Safety»
Travelling in a group means that for your safety and that of the other Trans’Alpes members you must:
 - Respect the French Highway Code.
- In particular, respect the speed limits when going through villages (30, 50 or 70 kmph zones).
- Respect safety distances between motorbikes.
- Respect other road users and cyclists especially.
- Lower your speed and acceleration when on a slippery road surface or when it is raining.

We will swing round as many fabulous bends as possible and we will crank up the horse power as soon as the line of the road allows it, but this will always be done in keeping with the general capacity of the group. There will be no question of pushing those who are discovering these mountain roads beyond their limits, no accelerations or overtaking without clear visibility.
Just pleasure, only pleasure!

«Peace in Mind»
Make sure that your motorbike has a complete service check before you tackle the Trans’Alpes and that your tyres are in perfect condition.

You the driver, your motorbike and any passenger must be insured. In case of breakdown you must be covered for any costs incurred in getting your bike home. This insurance must cover France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.