All members of our staff team are fully involved in our ongoing quest for quality and excellence.
Although some criteria constituting the quality of a hotel may occasionally be assessed differently from person to person, the fact nevertheless remains that a good hotel must genuinely be a good hotel. It can’t simply pretend to be one by hiding behind the outward trappings of quality.

With this in mind, as a member of Hôtels-Chalets de Tradition, over and above our quality policy we also regularly undergo numerous quality inspections, which take the form of “secret shopper” type visits, in both winter and summer.

Since March 12th 2012, we are authorised to display the "Qualité Tourisme" (Tourism Quality) label, confirming that we meet the strict allocation criteria.


And as by its very nature, any quest for perfection is a never-ending task, each season we actively seek your opinions on how we’re doing. At the end of each of your stays, we carefully examine all of the comments and suggestions you provide us with in our surveys.