Since July 22nd, 2009, a new tourism hotel grading system has been in operation in France. It brings a number of benefits both for our profession and more particularly for all guests staying at hotels in France. All hotels will need to undergo the appropriate formalities in order to be graded by July 2012.
To sum up this long and complex text (link to the French Tourism minister)
we would like to mention just the main points:

  • There are now six hotel categories: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars and the ‘palace’ category.
  • A hotel is only awarded the category it requests following an inspection visit which must be repeated every five years.
    => If the grading criteria are not met over time, the hotel is stripped of its grade, to avoid guests being misled.
  • The general state of the hotel and its upkeep account for approximately 40% of the final score required to obtain the grade.
    => This means an end to dusty, dilapidated hotels as we enter an age of permanent Quality.
  • The various factors comprising the comfort level are strictly assessed and form part of the compulsory criteria.

In view of the high standards of our hotel and its services, after having officially been ranked as a 3-star establishment under the new standards in October 2010, and being firmly committed to progress and comfort, we have now decided to submit a request for a 4-star grade. The assessment process will take place this winter.
The only changes which our guests will notice will be even greater comfort and still more and better services!
Nothing is in the bag yet, but the process is well underway.